What am I doing here!?

Hey, I’m Hugo.

This is my personal website/blog. Expect to find anything from programming to personal stuff.

Go and check my articles.

I’m a software engineer with a passion to be great, I enjoy solving problems at any level, be it technical or business.

I’m living in Tokyo, since I was a kid I’ve wanted to come to Japan, it’s a magical weird place. I was in love with Japan before I came here and amazed every day since I got here. I work mainly as a full stack developer and am a generalist.

What do you like?

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Roller skating
  • Dancing salsa
  • Learning and improving my abilities
  • The art of software engineering
  • Reading hacker news

Where can I find you?

At the usual suspects for a developer, try github or perhaps twitter. I also have linkedin and a coderwall.

If you really want you can also send me an email hugofalmeida [at] gmail [dot] com.